Website Design Services

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There are arguably few things in a common lifetime more challenging and rewarding than owning and managing your own business. Suddenly, the burdens of accounting, paperwork, reporting, mailing, paying bills, revenue collecting, marketing, talent recruitment, and office politics become as much of a part of your daily concerns as the original service you intended to provide. In addition to this delightful heap of responsibility, our new age in technology now requires online presence as a standard in business ownership.

There are several questions for a business owner to now answer in the best interest of their company:

  • What type of website would most effectively bring value to my business? (a standard brochure-style webiste, ecommerce, blog, or online application or interface perhaps?)
  • Are there competitors of mine that have online features that bring value to their business?
  • Can I tap into any social media platforms for new prospects?
  • Is my existing website giving off an initial bad taste to my prospects that I may not be aware of?
  • How can I acquire the talent necessary to handle the full spectrum of this website project with minimal headaches on my part?

iProSites has been the answer to many small business owners for 5 years now. I personally dedicate myself to discovering the true needs of the client, whether they are originally aware of the needs or not. My clients always feel free to ask questions concerning anything related to the internet, to which they will always receive a complete answer with minimal jargon.

There are many opportunities for your company for website development and custom application development with iProSites:

  • Website Design and Development: Solutions may include visually appealing image sliders or non-intrusive popups, as well as the ability to provide dynamic content to your user base. Technologies include XHTML, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS, and XML.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): iProSites optimizes all websites for optimal search engine spidering (the ability for your site to be found on search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and others). In addition, we provide SEO services that target any preferred market and walk the wabsite up the top ranks of the search engines.
  • Web Bots and Screen Scrapers: Are you in need of some competitive knowledge or outside content? If you have websites in mind that have the data you need, iProSites can write web crawlers to extract, clean and reformat the data-- even store it in a database for further processing!
  • Facebook and Twitter Application Development: Have an idea that requires social networking? iProSites can write a custom applciation for your Facebook and Twitter followers to interact directly with your website using their social network accounts! (Social gaming industry excluded)
  • Website Hosting: iProSites offers web hosting for a marginal monthly fee, with discounts for annual subscriptions. I also have other hosting partners that I will gladly recommend upon request.
  • Website Management: If your company website should ever need periodic updates, iProSites can manage your content for you.
  • Adwords Campaign Management: Are you considering Google Advertising? Many of the keywords you may wish to bid on may not be what your prospects are actrually typing into Google to find your website! iProSites can run a complete analysis on your target market and tell you the exact terms that are profitable for your business, and organize them into your Adwords account for you.